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New  instructional videos


by | Jul 24, 2018

Sprek in the Sound Suite

A special thanks to Caryn Bursch, Audiologist at APD Ottawa for trying out our Audita II and Sprek systems in her clinic. Caryn needed a creative dual-mic wireless solution to facilitate communication in her sound booth. After a little experimenting, she settled on a...

Introducing Streamer™ real-time captioning

  Secure, automated captioning in real-time - Live Speech Transcription         Just in time for this new school year, we are excited to partner with Streamer™ to offer secure and encrypted real-time captioning. Streamer is entirely web-based...

Update to trade-in program

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our popular equipment trade-in program current, we are encouraging customers to redeem their accrued trade-in credits and use these benefits to update their school's or school board's systems at a deeply reduced cost. To improve...

Making your masked students heard

Masks have become an important protection for your unvaccinated students in this new and challenging in-person school year. Essential as they are in these times, masks can make it difficult to be heard. They can make speech sound softer or muffled, and when your...

Teacher Inspiration Station reviews

Our thanks to Melissa Clarke for reviewing Simeon soundfield solutions on her very inspirational Teacher Inspiration Station YouTube channel. Melissa reviewed two of our systems this month - Sprek totable soundfield / personal voice amplifier and our ever-popular...

Accessories now online!

This fall we have been busy upgrading our product support resources, including new instructional videos to assist with remote in-servicing for classroom teachers. We have also just launched our website update with a comprehensive online accessories catalogue. To make...

New Instructional Videos

We understand that this new school year presents special challenges. The use of masks, PPE and physical distancing all have an impact on classroom audibility. Our partners in education have asked us for more video resources to support their classroom teachers and to...

Warranty extensions for 2020

In the light of schools closures during the pandemic and the announcement today by the Minister of Education that all Ontario schools will remain closed until September, we have decided to offer an extension until December 31st on Simeon warranties that were due to...

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