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A young child struggling with APD or auditory processing disorder.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Join us as we unravel the captivating world of Auditory Processing Disorders in kids, courtesy of the brilliant minds at John Hopkins University! This awesome study provides teachers with behaviours to look for and what they can do. 


St Joseph's Bardon student Charlie Davis delivers a speech at the annual Hear and Say power of speech event in Brisbane Voice Fatigue. Soundfield System - Audio Distribution - Simeon Audita

Year 3 BCE student’s courageous story makes everyone stop and listen this World Hearing Day of Australia provided a motivational read about student Charlie Davis at age eight. Davis experienced a traumatic head injury that negatively impacted areas of his hearing. Charlie delivered a speech to a room of more than 70 attendees detailing his journey to learning to hear again. Davis’s mother happily shared the school community implemented soundfield amplification systems in all classrooms helping all students hear equally. 

Asissted listening device worn with a mask - Soundfield System - Audio Distribution - Simeon Audita - Voice Ampifier

Masks and other pandemic measures are necessary at school, but can make it harder to hear in classrooms

Pandemic measures have changed in Ontario as we enter the second half of 2023, but concerns still linger. We wanted to share this well-written article by Pam Millett of York University. Subjects discussed in the article include masks and hearing, ventilation systems, and using soundfield systems with masks. Please take a break and enjoy the read!

SoUND AND audio being shared in a classroom indoors and outdoors. Soundfield systems can help!  - Sound field System - Audio Distribution - Simeon Audita - Voice Amplifier

Covid-19: The Use of Classroom Audio Distribution Systems (CADS) to Improve Auditory Access for All Students

Pandemic measures included mask coverings that reduced the clarity and speech being shared at a given moment. It can be difficult for a student to be able to correctly process what they hear if the audio is not at its best in clarity. Classroom Audio Distribution systems help students and teachers by evenly distributing audio.

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