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Who we are

Supportive Hearing Systems is a Toronto based company specializing in classroom audio and voice amplification systems

Supportive Hearing Systems Inc. was founded in 1995 with the goal of introducing the best and most current audio solutions for the classroom and assistive listening devices to schools. We have grown to become a leader not just in the evolving sector of educational technologies, but in sound technology for a variety of businesses and individuals in many different environments. We’re pro’s in solving sound related issues for the classroom.

Based in Toronto, Canada, we provide wireless assistive listening solutions with special focus on our Simeon® line of FM and Digital products throughout North America and in our export markets. We specialize in audio solutions for the classroom which include; soundfield amplification systems, personal FM and remote listening devices, and voice amplification devices; along with providing a wide array of accessories.

Better Hearing for Better Learning!


What we do

Simeon Audita Fm System portable  wireless classroom audio system. Includes two wireless microphones. excellent solution for classroom audio amplification and teachers struggling with voice or vocal fatigue.


Simeon Ranger is a personal fm device for listeners. It is a wireless personal fm. Great for individuals with hearing loss, hard of hearing and or hearing difficulties.

Personal FM

Simeon sprek is small, compact vocal amplification / amplifier device. It includes a portable speaker with a transmitter and two microphones to use. Great for protecting vocal chords and preventing voice damage. Great for teachers, professors and instructors


New  instructional videos


Sprek in the Sound Suite

A special thanks to Caryn Bursch, Audiologist at APD Ottawa for trying out our Audita II and Sprek systems in her clinic. Caryn needed a creative dual-mic wireless solution to facilitate communication in her sound booth. After a little experimenting, she settled on a...

Introducing Streamer™ real-time captioning

  Secure, automated captioning in real-time - Live Speech Transcription         Just in time for this new school year, we are excited to partner with Streamer™ to offer secure and encrypted real-time captioning. Streamer is entirely web-based...

Update to trade-in program

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our popular equipment trade-in program current, we are encouraging customers to redeem their accrued trade-in credits and use these benefits to update their school's or school board's systems at a deeply reduced cost. To improve...

Making your masked students heard

Masks have become an important protection for your unvaccinated students in this new and challenging in-person school year. Essential as they are in these times, masks can make it difficult to be heard. They can make speech sound softer or muffled, and when your...

Teacher Inspiration Station reviews

Our thanks to Melissa Clarke for reviewing Simeon soundfield solutions on her very inspirational Teacher Inspiration Station YouTube channel. Melissa reviewed two of our systems this month - Sprek totable soundfield / personal voice amplifier and our ever-popular...

Accessories now online!

This fall we have been busy upgrading our product support resources, including new instructional videos to assist with remote in-servicing for classroom teachers. We have also just launched our website update with a comprehensive online accessories catalogue. To make...