We are excited to introduce our newest boom microphone, the Simeon 625. Similar in design to the Simeon 624 microphone, the Simeon 625 includes the additional feature of a removable cable.

Features of the Simeon 625 microphone:

  • premium lightweight directional boom microphone with detachable cable and carry case
  • cable detachable with convenient snap-fit connector
  • comes with spare standard-length (100cm) cable
  • optional replacement cable lengths available
  • ultra-light spring-metal frame
  • hygienic metal windscreen
  • upgraded cable quality and gold-plated connector

Benefits of the Simeon 625 Microphone:

  • easy replacement of broken and/or degraded cables
  • ability to use a shorter cable with the microphone for those wearing the pendant microphone around their neck, or to reduce excess slack on the cable
  • ability to use the longer cable to place the pendant or body worn microphone onto a desk and remain comfortably hands-free
  • use of a longer cable for taller users

The Simeon 625 microphone can be used with any of our soundfield systems, or with personal FM transmitters (e.g. Digisystem, Contego) or personal amplification systems (e.g. Simeon VoiceOver).

If you have any additional questions regarding this microphone, please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 1-800-732-8804.