Looking for an article to read? We have pulled a favourite from our blog post about research articles and resources by Dr. Pam Millett who has worked as an educational audiologist for 22 years. She uses her expertise to consult with school boards and the Ontario Infant Hearing Program. The article is in partnership with the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat whose goal is to give educators access to articles about current research on classroom instruction and learning.

This article covers the topic of implementing the principles of Universal Design (UD) in classroom amplification. UD is an approach wherein accommodations can be used to benefit as many people as possible. Dr. Millett uses the example of a ramp being built at a school, which benefits not only those using wheelchairs, but also parents using strollers or people using walkers. The article discusses how we can use UD when considering solutions for classroom amplification issues.

If you’ve read some of our previous articles or have been following our Twitter campaign, you’ll already know that soundfield systems can benefit all students in the classroom, not just those with hearing loss. Dr. Millett goes into more detail about the ways in which students are put at a disadvantage by poor classroom amplification and the ways in which sound field systems can mitigate these issues.

You can read Dr. Millett’s full paper here.