Secure, automated captioning in real-time – Live Speech Transcription





Just in time for this new school year, we are excited to partner with Streamer™ to offer secure and encrypted real-time captioning. Streamer is entirely web-based and fully automated to handle Live Speech Transcription. There is no software to download and install; all you need is your normal internet access.




Streamer gives you remarkable transcription accuracy. It has many features that make it ideally suited to the school and higher-education environment, not least of which is total privacy and data security. You can use Streamer as a stand-alone service, or to augment the benefits of your Simeon equipment. Streamer is fully compatible with our Audita and Audita II systems, Ranger, and many of our older systems too.





We have tailored our Streamer subscription options to facilitate our customers’ typical funding models. But we first encourage you to start with a free Streamer trial, which requires no billing or subscription information from you at all!







Live Speech Transcription, this gif features a preview of what students experience when using Streamer captioning program

Maximize comprehension

Streamer™ is a great way to ensure listeners absorb as much as possible from spoken content. Streamer can enhance both in-person and virtual classrooms, meetings, conferences, and more. Streamer offers additional benefits such as the ability for listeners to annotate and download transcripts, and live translation.

Different ways to stream

You can seamlessly apply different methods to add Streamer captioning to your live video stream as a section below the video or a text overlay. Another option is for each listener to accesses Streamer from their own device – be it a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Streamers will not need to download or install software to access any content. Our user’s will only require an internet connection and a web browser to access the online portal. 

Completely compatible

Streamer works with other Simeon products such as Audita and Ranger. Existing microphones worn by speakers or presenters can easily integrate with Simeon Streamer.

Savvy subscriptions

Annual and 3-year subscriptions are available to be bundled with your funding model. Contact us for more information or sign up for a free trial below.