Soundfield Overview

Simeon® Classroom Audio Distribution Systems (CADS) utilize the most innovative  wireless platforms and soundfield speaker technologies to give the best possible audio experience in your classroom. Small-area amplification for classrooms and other small venues is our specialty, with a full range of portable wireless and installed amplification solutions to meet every acoustic challenge and listening need.


Our new portable systems utilize ultra-lightweight Neodymium speakers. For permanent installations, our iconic Simeon Omnipanel provides maximum efficiency in sound distribution, using NXT® patented flat-panel distributed-mode loudspeaker technology.

Our analogue soundfield FM systems offer the unparalleled acoustic performance of UHF transmission. For simplicity of use, digital soundfield offers the most in user-friendly features.


Infrared soundfield, although a more dated technology, continues to have broad appeal for schools installing large numbers of systems. Simeon infrared solutions offer a cost-effective alternative for large soundfield installation projects.

See our full range of portable and installed soundfield products.