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Introducing Simeon Ranger

New as of 2017, the Simeon Ranger personal remote microphone system is available in Canada for delivery in August of this year. Ideal for use in classrooms, large meetings and noisy environments, Ranger closes the gap between speaker and listener.

Ranger is our smallest ever UHF-band system and is fully frequency-compatible with current Simeon soundfield FM systems. This means no patching – you can transmit sound via Simeon soundfield transmitters directly to Ranger receivers.

The Ranger receiver weighs only 50g and can be used with a variety of listening accessories including attenuated (output-limited) earphones and neckloop or earhook accessories for hearing-aid users.

Ranger features as a glance:

  • Simple to use – a three-button keypad gives access to all the functions you need. No confusing menus and sub-menus!
  • Extended range – Ranger has a stronger signal and works even in large spaces
  • 96 Channels – with two 96-channel analogue UHF bands, you can rely on Ranger to give a clear and reliable signal.
  • Micro USB charging – convenient smart charging through a standard Micro USB. Multi-unit drop-in chargers are also available.
  • Soundfield Compatible – the Ranger receiver is compatible with Simeon Audita and 500WU classroom soundfield systems. No more patching or cables.
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Frequency preparation PLL synthesized control OSC, 96 UHF channels
Weight 49 g
Operating temperature -10 °C ~ 50 °C
Service coverage Up to 100 m (open field)
THD at 1 kHz < 1 %
Dynamic range > 80 dB
Frequency response 40 Hz ~ 18 kHz
Nominal / peak deviation ±20 kHz / ±40 kHz
Carrier frequency range 640 ~ 664 MHz (Ranger 1.0); 514 ~ 544 MHz (Ranger 1.1)
Modulation Wideband FM
RF output power Ranger T1.0 / T1.1 Transmitter: 10 mW | Ranger R1.0 / R1.1 Receiver: –
Dimension Ranger T1.0 / T1.1 Transmitter: 82.6 (H) × 40 (W) × 12 (D) mm (antenna length not included) | Ranger R1.0 / R1.1 Receiver: 82.6 (H) × 40 (W) × 12 (D) mm
Regulatory compliance FCC / Industry Canada
LCD display Channel, battery indicator, lock, volume
Charge time < 6 hours
Charging source DC 5 V Micro USB
Battery type 1300 mA 3.7 V Li-polymer rechargeable
Operating time Ranger T1.0 / T1.1 Transmitter: 12 hours | Ranger R1.0 / R1.1 Receiver: 18 hours
3.5 mm phone jack Ranger T1.0 / T1.1 Transmitter: Mic / aux in | Ranger R1.0 / R1.1 Receiver: Headphone output
Antenna type Ranger T1.0 / T1.1 Transmitter: Whip antenna | Ranger R1.0 / R1.1 Receiver: Headphone antenna