Leanne Duncan – New Western Territory Manager

Leanne Duncan - Supportive Hearing Systems
We are very pleased to announce the addition of Leanne Duncan to our team. Leanne brings her extensive experience in the education sector, having worked for many years with such prominent industry leaders as Apple and HP in the schools market.

Leanne has a deep understanding of the benefits of communications technologies for learning and the importance of their correct implementation in schools. As new Territory Manager, she will be a key part of our growth in Western Canada, based in Vancouver and drawing on the resources of our head office team in Toronto. Leanne will be focusing on the success of our Simeon portable soundfield products for schools as well as our Digisystem collection of personal FM solutions.


Leanne Duncan will be in charge of our key schools district accounts in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Her direct line is (604) 787-0774 and e-mail LeanneDuncan@SimeonCanada.com

Welcome Leanne Duncan!

Audita video clips

Soundfield amplification is such an asset in classrooms that teachers want to take their systems to different locations, use them in different spaces, share them with other teachers, and connect them to all sorts of audio devices and other media. ClassGen01

This is especially easy with Audita, which is totally portable and can be used in so many different ways. Teachers really appreciate the endless connection possibilities, and the speech-activated voice priority feature when giving presentations. 

We partnered with Walden Design to develop three short new videos to help teachers get the best out of their Audita soundfield. The aim was to illustrate simply why we use Audita, how to use it in your classroom, and what it’s capable of beyond helping to hear the teacher.

Audita Audio Demonstration

  • shows the difference amplification makes in typical classroom noise and room reverberation. You will also hear the difference between using a boom mic and a pendant mic, for those who need convincing!

Getting Started with Audita Video

  • is a simple how-to for anyone using Audita for the first time. In less than five minutes you will see everything you need to know to use your Audita, charge the batteries and get the best from the Simeon microphones.

Making Connections with Audita Video

  • is a little more detailed for those who want to use their Audita to its fullest potential. This video will show you how to connect tablets or whiteboard to Audita, interface personal FM systems, and use an Omnipanel speaker to amplify surprisingly large spaces.