Ranger Finds New Fans



Since the first Ranger systems were introduced into Canada in the Fall, we have received some very positive feedback from teachers and their students. For schools that are already using Simeon soundfields, the Ranger personal receiver is a simple and easy addition. No longer is there any need for patching or cables to use a personal fm system alongside a Simeon soundfield.

Users appreciate the simple functions and effortless operation of Ranger too. For one student with low vision, the 3-button tactile keypad made all the difference and set Ranger apart. For another student with conductive hearing loss, her Teacher of the Deaf reported recently that she “was at the school today and [she] was wearing the Ranger system with the bone conduction headset and backpack and loving it. She has been wearing it consistently since Tuesday morning and is much more engaged and communicative! All the staff are very impressed at the difference they see in [her] behaviour.”

As the year progresses we will continue to roll out more options and accessories for Ranger, giving even more flexibility and choice to all our customers.

A Welcome to Our Newest Customers from NJPA


The National Joint Powers Alliance is an organization dedicated to facilitating positive relationships and efficient purchases between their over 50,000 members across North America and their carefully selected vendors. NJPA is a trusted asset to their members, who are made up of education-related, government, and nonprofit entities.

We are proud to have been awarded this prestigious contract with NJPA and look forward to serving our expanded customer base throughout North America.

Introducing AV Solutions and PointsWest AV

logosWe are thrilled to introduce our latest partners AV Solutions and PointsWest AV. Having already worked with them closely, we know that both companies are well-positioned to represent our products in the British Columbia market. Both provide full-service solutions for a variety of environments including schools and classrooms.

AV Solutions, established in 1979, has long been an expert in AV products. With a strong focus on customer service and a commitment to excellence, you can trust AV Solutions to deliver our product with knowledge and expertise.

“Our mission is to provide clients with audio and video solutions that exceed their expectations. We are committed to excellent service.”

PointsWest AV, established in 1992, is highly experienced in providing audio solutions for the classroom and elsewhere. They are well-aware of the difference a sound field system can make and are dedicated to helping customers implement effective systems

“Points West Audio Visual (PWAV) is dedicated to recommending and supplying commercial audio visual products suitable for education, business, government and churches. Our goal is to provide the right product for the right environment at the right price.”

Our new partners will be representing our products in British Columbia. To find out who your representative is, please call us at 1-800-732-8804 or email info@simeoncanada.com

New Product: Introducing the Simeon 625 Microphone

Simeon 625

We are excited to introduce our newest boom microphone, the Simeon 625. Similar in design to the Simeon 624 microphone, the Simeon 625 includes the additional feature of a removable cable.

Features of the Simeon 625 microphone:

  • Premium lightweight directional boom microphone with detachable cable and carry case
  • Cable detachable with convenient snap-fit connector
  • Comes with spare standard-length (100cm) cable
  • Optional replacement cable lengths available
  • Ultra-light spring-metal frame
  • Hygienic metal windscreen
  • Upgraded cable quality and gold-plated connector

Benefits of the Simeon 625 Microphone:

  • easy replacement of broken and/or degraded cables
  • ability to use a shorter cable with the microphone for those wearing the pendant microphone around their neck, or to reduce excess slack on the cable
  • ability to use the longer cable to place the pendant or body worn microphone onto a desk and remain comfortably hands-free
  • use of a longer cable for taller users

The Simeon 625 microphone can be used with any of our sound field systems, or with personal FM transmitters (e.g. Digisystem, Contego) or personal amplification systems (e.g. Simeon VoiceOver).

If you have any additional questions regarding this microphone, please feel free to contact us at Info@SimeonCanada.com or by phone at 1-800-732-8804

AudioSupport – Our new partner in the Québec market

Roseline BoireWe are very pleased to welcome the Montréal -based company AudioSupport as a new channel partner with a strong presence in the Québec market. This specialized company, focusing on FM and other wireless technologies as well as voice amplification and signal alert products is a perfect fit for the expanding Simeon product line in Québec.

AudioSupport president Roseline Boire has an unstoppable enthusiasm for helping people hear…

When it comes to improving the lives of hearing impaired people or people with voice disorders, you’d be hard pressed to find better advice in Québec than AudioSupport’s expert counsel. We can help you select hearing assistance products and amplification systems for home use, school or work.

With over 15 years experience under our belt, we believe that adaptable amplification systems, such as soundfield for the classroom and personal amplification systems, can help people with voice disorders prevent voice fatigue and communicate effortlessly.

Being able to hear and communicate is essential to a full and meaningful life and this is why we dedicate our time and efforts in search of the tools that will help the impaired live life as normally as possible.

Because life is worth hearing!”

Roseline is a very experienced consultant in assistive listening devices and amplification systems and is greatly respected in the audiology community throughout Canada. She has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, including ten years working the assistive listening devices market with audiologists, hearing aid practitioners and school boards.

All this time, Roseline has been dealing with government programs such as those of the RAMQ, CSST and the Ministry of Education in Québec. She is well aware of the importance of offering services that both satisfy the needs of the beneficiaries and the requirements of the institutions.

We are proud to have AudioSupport as a strong partner with extensive experience in Quebec.

AudioSupport can be reached directly at 1-(844) 702-8346 or www.AudioSupport.ca




Using Classroom Amplification in a Universal Design Model to Enhance Hearing and Listening

Classroom Image

Using Classroom Amplification in a Universal Design Model to Enhance Hearing and Listening

Looking for an article to read? We have one from Dr. Pam Millett who has worked as an educational audiologist for 22 years. She uses her expertise to consult with school boards and the Ontario Infant Hearing Program. The article is in partnership with the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat whose goal is to give educators access to articles about current research on classroom instruction and learning.

This article covers the topic of implementing the principles of Universal Design (UD) in classroom amplification. UD is an approach wherein accommodations can be used to benefit as many people as possible. Dr. Millett uses the example of a ramp being built at a school, which benefits not only those using wheelchairs, but also parents using strollers or people using walkers. The article discusses how we can use UD when considering solutions for classroom amplification issues.

If you’ve read some of our previous articles or have been following our Twitter campaign, you’ll already know that sound field systems can benefit all students in the classroom, not just those with hearing loss. Dr. Millett goes into more detail about the ways in which students are put at a disadvantage by poor classroom amplification and the ways in which sound field systems can mitigate these issues.

You can read Dr. Millett’s full paper here.

The Benefits of Sound Field Systems


Just in case you missed it, we recently finished up a Twitter campaign on the benefits of sound field systems. These facts come directly from our an article mentioned in one of our older posts, that you can view in its entirety here.

These facts let people know about all the different ways sound field amplification can benefit its user. This particular campaign targets the benefits within a classroom setting; however, the benefits of sound field amplification are not limited to the classroom and extends to a variety of settings.

Feel free to share these facts! Or tweet us some of the benefits you think of!


Supportive Hearing Systems App

iPhone Picture - Supportive Hearing Systems App

The Supportive Hearing Systems app is now available for both Apple and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

Get inside access to updates, videos, resources, manuals and more from Supportive Hearing Systems. Created as an on-the-go tool for those who may prefer to use an app to access materials.

App Store Download - Supportive Hearing Systems AppGoogle Play Download - Supportive Hearing Systems App


– Use our resource materials and instructional videos to quickly set up your system and perform any needed troubleshooting
– Access to all system manuals
– Keep up to date with our blog and receive push notifications when new posts are added!
– Interested in the research behind our systems? Articles are available for your use


– Share any interesting blog posts via Facebook and/or Twitter
– Fill out evaluation request forms for any trialing equipment
– Fill out service request forms for shipping in equipment needing repair
– Access to automated evaluation reports! Have equipment on trial and want to know more information? This feature gives you quick access to our records. If you haven’t signed up for this feature, please contact us to do so.


– All our contact information is available within the app, including contact info for our Western Territory Representative
– Contact form is available within the app, so you can contact us easily when needed

Everything you need from Supportive Hearing Systems at your fingertips!

Watch the Supportive Hearing Systems App Demo Video Below

New Research Articles and Resources

Research Articles - Supportive Hearing Systems

We have a number of new links to research articles in our Research and Innovation section.

These include an updated Sound Field Amplification Summary detailing the efficacy of sound field amplification for children and adults. We have also included a document on the Benefits of Sound Field systems for those who may want a quick guide to inform clients, teachers, and parents about the benefits of a system.



For those working in the classroom, we have also included a number of studies dedicated to exploring the listening environments of the classroom and how these conditions can be improved.

Please take a look at these new research articles and we hope you learn something new!

Updated Evaluation and Service Request Forms

We have updated our Evaluation and Service Request forms to include the Audita system and Comfort Audio products and have transitioned to using forms on the website itself instead of the previously used PDF format.

Evaluation Request Forms - Supportive Hearing Systems

What’s New?

  • The Evaluation Request form now has sections for Audita as well as the Comfort Audio Digisystem and Contego units
  • The form will be filled out online instead of through a PDF form
  • A copy of all the information filled out will be emailed to you, therefore eliminating the need to save copies of the files onto you computer
  • You will receive a confirmation message upon successful completion and submission of your forms
  • An electronic copy of all forms submitted will be automatically recorded on our system, allowing us to search for the form should you lose your copy

Where can I find the forms?

Request Forms - Supportive Hearing Systems

These forms can be found under the Support heading on the website. There will be a sub-section called Request Forms which will include both the Evaluation and Service Request forms

Important to note

Please note that you must print the Service Request form and include it in your package before shipping. This will allow us to connect the form to the system in the package and make the process run more smoothly. However, should you forget to include the form in the package as long as the serial numbers were recorded we can use our database to search and find your form.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional suggestions, comments, or questions.