Digital Personal FM

Digital – the new FM standard

Digital wireless offers performance that is simply not possible with traditional analog FM systems. Better signal quality, wider dynamic range and less interference. Digital transmission is more robust and less subject to fluctuations than comparable analog FM.

The key to advanced digital transmission of speech is short latency: Our Digital FM deliver sound in real time (0.5 milliseconds) with no lags or ‘echo’ effect. Plus, digital signal encryption ensures privacy and keeps your conversations secure from eavesdropping.


Our two classes of digital personal FM from Swedish innovator Comfort Audio meet a wide range of listening needs.


Comfort Contego – a convenient, general-purpose FM system that is easy to use. Contego can be used as a stand-alone device or connected to telecoil-equipped hearing aids.




Comfort Digisystem – a complete family of digital remote microphone transmitters, receivers and mini receivers. Digisystem offers unique solutions for schools, workplace, meetings and home. Digisystem offers a range of remote microphones to suit the most demanding listening environments. Digisystem receivers can be interfaced hearing aids and cochlear implants sound processors.