For assistive listening, classroom amplification, or personal communication, we provide the most innovative, user-friendly and affordable remote microphone and wireless technologies.

Our classroom audio distribution systems utilize infrared, analog UHF and digital platforms to provide the best soundfield audio quality in any listening environment. Simeon portable soundfield models are among the lightest available and are a popular, versatile solution for classrooms and mobile sound reinforcement. Simeon installation systems feature ultra-efficient NXT® flat panel loudspeakers to provide exceptional speech intelligibility in large listening spaces.

Digisystem personal FM systems, developed in Sweden by Comfort Audio, feature encrypted digital radio for ‘lossless’, eavesdrop-secure listening that is free from lags and echo. With a full rage of remote microphone transmitters and receivers, Digisystem has a full solution for school, work and home, for use with hearing aids, cochlear implants and for those without personal amplification.

See also our products for portable voice amplification, hearing-safe (attenuated) earphones, full Simeon microphone line, and emerging infrared technologies for wireless transmission and remote sensing.