Simeon 900AU Solo

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Wide-area FM soundfield amplification for your classroom or auditorium

Choosing an amplification system for your classroom, meeting room or auditorium can present a confusing range of choices and different speaker options. The new Simeon 900AU FM soundfield system is a versatile ‘future-ready’ solution with 96 channels that will meet all of your amplification needs in a single convenient, easy-to-use package.

Key to this new system is the second-generation Omnipanel 900 flat panel loudspeaker. Weighing only 3kg, the new Omnipanel gives great acoustic performance and outstanding speech intelligibility in a smaller, more efficient format. The flat panel speaker can be mounted almost anywhere, and to cover extra large spaces like an auditorium a second panel speaker can be added to the system.

Simeon 900AU features a modular true-diversity FM receiver with 96 FM channels, ensuring the best possible signal quality at all times. The modular receiver design allows you to choose between a Solo version with one transmitter and a Duo version with two transmitters that can be used concurrently.

Besides clear and intelligible speech amplification, Simeon 900AU is a multi-functioning audio hub through which you can connect computers, iPods and other audio sources to take advantage of great Omnipanel speaker sound. In combination with Skype and other media applications Simeon 900AU is also a unique teleconferencing tool. Personal FMs and peripheral devices can be connected to the system to take full advantage of its audio hub features.

Simeon 900AU Solo features one Omnipanel 900, one receiver 900AU, and includes one body-worn transmitter and boom microphone Simeon 623 as standard.

Please contact us directly to select different accessories option, from the extensive range of Simeon Microphone options along with the body-worn transmitter, or for a pass-around transmitter/microphone.

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Omnipanel 900 speaker: Distributed Mode Loudspeaker, 4 actuators 4Ω nominal impedance; 80 Watts max. 66cm (H) x 54cm (W) x 7cm (D) Weight 3.013kg
Audio frequency range: 120 Hz - 20KHz
FM Frequency range: 640 - 664 MHz
FM Channels: 96 Switchable PLL synthesized UHF channels
Transmitter RF output power: < 10mW
Transmitter autonomy: > 12 Hours (2 x NiMH 1.2v; 2,100mAh)
Transmitter charge time: 6 ~ 9 Hours
Standard microphone type: Directional over-the-ear boom mic (Substitution with other microphone styles available)
Receiver continuous power: 30 Watts x 2
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.5%
Receiver power requirements: DC adapter 15v, 3.3 Amps
Auxiliary Inputs: 2 Aux channels, RCA connector x 4
Auxiliary Output: 0 ~ 300mV @ 1kΩ, 3.5mm connector 3-band equalizer
Squelch: Tone key and noise-lock dual squelch
Canadian approvals: IC: 3918A-simeon7LT IC: 3918A-simeon701TS IC: 3918A-simeon900AU