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Simeon 85HE

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Open Guided Sound Earphones

At last…an earphone that allows you to hear around you, that is comfortable to wear, and has safe output. Our new Open Guided Soundearphone concept leaves the ear canal unoccluded to allow perception of environmental sounds. This helps the listener to stay aware of important surrounding sounds, such approaching traffic. The Simeon 85HE earhook earphone has an attenuated output that limits maximum sound pressure levels. Simeon 85HE conforms to standard EN50332-2 for acoustic safety.

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Our Open Guided Sound earphones can be used with iPods, smartphones, laptops and classroom computers. Earhook earphone model Simeon 85HE fits over any size of ear and is comfortable to wear all day. Because there is no insertion into the ear canal, Open Guided Sound earphones are more hygienic and safer than earbud earphones.






Special applications for Open Guided Sound earphones include FM fittings for auditory processing disorders, slight hearing loss or unilateral hearing loss. Earphone Simeon 85HE has a hidden gain control that allows the maximum earphone output level to be set by the audiologist for special listening requirements.

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