Simeon 625 mic
Simeon 625 Detachable Cable

Simeon 625

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Premium lightweight directional boom microphone with detachable cable and carry case

  • Cable detachable with convenient snap-fit connector
  • Comes with spare standard-length (100cm) cable
  • Optional replacement cable lengths available
  • Ultra-light spring-metal frame
  • Hygienic metal windscreen
  • Upgraded cable quality and gold-plated connector

Simeon 625 Datasheet

Optional replacement cables for boom microphone Simeon 625

625 cable Options



Simeon CBL-100  Standard length (100cm) replacement cable for boom microphone 625




625 cable Options


Simeon CBL-050  Short (50cm) replacement cable for boom microphone 625

Ideal length for pendant transmitters that are only worn on a neck lanyard




625 cable Options


Simeon CBL-150  Extra-long (150cm) replacement cable with clothing clip for boom microphone 625

For taller microphone users and for transmitters used on a desk top


Boom Mic Comparison Chart

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