Simeon 500WU Duo

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Portable soundfield FM System

The Simeon 500WU is a completely new concept in portable soundfield FM. Featuring a modular FM receiver, the 500WU Duo features a dual-transmitter format. With 96 FM channels available on a new UHF frequency band, Simeon 500WU provides the quality of sound and performance that makes listening natural and amplification unobtrusive. The true-diversity FM receiver constantly monitors between two internal antennae to ensure the best possible signal quality at all times. A full 30 watts of audio power and full-range speaker provide ample coverage for a classroom or small auditorium, and all on rechargeable battery power. When you hear it you will agree that Simeon 500WU a natural sounding choice for amplification on the go!

System includes one body-worn transmitter with one boom microphone Simeon 623 and one pass-around transmitter/microphone.

Please contact us directly to select different accessories options from the extensive range of Simeon Microphone options, or to select a different configuration of transmitters.

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FM Frequency Range: 640-664 MHz
FM Channels: 96 Switchable PLL Sythesized UHF Channels
Transmitter RF Output Power: < 10 mW
Transmitter Operating Range: 50 - 70 m
Squelch: Tone Key and Noise-lock Dual Squelch
Dynamic Range: 100 dB
Speaker Type: Conventional Full Rande 5" Cone Driver,4 Ω
Audio Frequency Response: 70 Hz - 16 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.5 %
Amplifier Continuous Power: 30 Watts RMS; 50 Watts Max @ 4 Ω
Receiver Weight: 3.5 kg including NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) Battery
Receiver Power Requirements: Built-in Recharable NiMH Battery or AC Supply
Transmitter Autonomy: > 12 Hours (NiMH 1.2V x 2,2100 mAh)
Receiver Autonomy: > 6 Hours (NiMH 12V,4100 mAh), > 7 Hours (NiMH 12V,4500 mAh)
Standard Microphone Type: Directional over-the-ear boom type (Substitution with other microphone styles available)
Hand-held Microphone Type: Directional (dynamic)
Canadian Approvals: IC: 3918A - Simeon 7LT, IC: 3918A - Simeon 701TS, IC: 3918A - Simeon 500WU