Simeon 500IR

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Portable Infrared Soundfield System

Compact and easy to use, the Simeon 500IR provides high quality sound for classrooms, meeting rooms and small auditoriums. Clearly labeled connectors allow for simple connection to a range of other audio devices including classroom computers, whiteboards and personal FM systems.

New transmitter concept 501TI

Simeon 501TI in use

The new ergonomic infrared transmitter 501TI combines the functions of a hand-held wireless mic and a traditional body-worn teacher transmitter. Any Simeon microphone or external audio device can be connected to transmitter 501TI and given priority transmission.

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Carrier Frequency: 2.8 MHz (Channel B)
Pilot Tone Frequency: 32.768 kHz
Type: Super heterodyne, crystal controlled
Modulation: Frequency modulated, wide-band
Operation Range: 15m @ High power, 10m @ Low power
Speaker Type: Conventional full range 5" cone driver, 4 Ω
Audio Frequency Range: 70 Hz - 10KHz (+/- 3db) with 501TI
Audio Distortion: < 1.0% @ 1kHz
Signal / Noise Ratio: > 80dB
Amplifier Continuous Power: 30 Watts RMS; 50 Watts Max @ 4 Ω
Receiver Power Requirements: Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery or AC supply
Receiver Autonomy: 7-9 Hours (rechargeable NiMH battery 12v, 4.1Ah)
Receiver Weight: < 4 Kg including NiMH battery
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Auxiliary Output Adjustment: 0 to 300mV (Max.)
Auxiliary Output Impedance: < 1kΩ
Transmitter Autonomy 6 Hours @ High power (NiMH 1.2v x 2, 500mAh), 9 Hours @ Low power (NiMH 1.2v x 2, 500mAh)
Standard Microphone Type: Directional over-the-ear boom mic (Substitution with other microphone styles available)
Canadian Approvals: ICES-003