Contego Digital Personal FM

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A Digital Radio System

The Comfort Contego transmits sound digitally which means perfect sound on every occasion. This also makes it possible to have a level of security that has not previously been possible with wireless hearing systems for hearing impaired people.


The transmitter and the receiver are paired by the transmitter sending a coded key to the receiver. The digital, coded radio transmission makes it almost impossible to intercept a conversation.

Microphone with Zoom Function both in the Transmitter and the Receiver

Comfort Contego makes it possible for the user to get the best possible reception of sound on every occasion. The transmitter has a zoom function; a directional and omni-directional microphone setting. The directional microphone setting effectively reduces disturbing background sounds in noisy environments. The receiver has a built in microphone, which also has a zoom function. This means that the best possible sound reception is achieved via the digital sound transmission as well as via the built in microphone.

Easy to Use

Comfort Contego is small, light and comfortable to use. It has a clear menu system that you can see on the display. Comfort Contego is not sensitive to being touched.

Modern Design

Comfort Contego has a discreet, modern and elegant appearance. It has a built in aerial and a newly designed neck loop.

Sounds from a Variety of Sources

By using a Sound kit, which makes it possible to amplify the sound from many different sound sources, you can for instance listen to TV or a stereo.

Environmentally Friendly

Comfort Contego runs on an environmentally friendly, rechargeable battery.


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FM Frequency range 904 - 926 MHz
FM Channels 38 (Encrypted digital modulation)
Operating range 25m
Transmitter inputs Microphone (e.g. boom mic.),Line-level,Headphone-level (Headset,earbuds,induction neckloop,induction silhouettes
Transmitter microphone type Built-in directional and omnidirectional (Plus external microphone input – e.g boom mic)
Receiver microphone type Built-in directional and omnidirectional
Battery type Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) rechargeable. Charge time 4 hours.
Transmitter battery life 16 Hours
Receiver battery life 16 Hours
Dimensions 22 x 45 x 98mm
Net weight 60g (Transmitter) / 60g (Receiver)
Canadian approvals IC: 6769A-CG01T,IC: 6769A-CG01T