Updated Evaluation and Service Request Forms

We have updated our Evaluation and Service Request forms to include the Audita system and Comfort Audio products and have transitioned to using forms on the website itself instead of the previously used PDF format.

Evaluation Request Forms - Supportive Hearing Systems

What’s New?

  • The Evaluation Request form now has sections for Audita as well as the Comfort Audio Digisystem and Contego units
  • The form will be filled out online instead of through a PDF form
  • A copy of all the information filled out will be emailed to you, therefore eliminating the need to save copies of the files onto you computer
  • You will receive a confirmation message upon successful completion and submission of your forms
  • An electronic copy of all forms submitted will be automatically recorded on our system, allowing us to search for the form should you lose your copy

Where can I find the forms?

Request Forms - Supportive Hearing Systems

These forms can be found under the Support heading on the website. There will be a sub-section called Request Forms which will include both the Evaluation and Service Request forms

Important to note

Please note that you must print the Service Request form and include it in your package before shipping. This will allow us to connect the form to the system in the package and make the process run more smoothly. However, should you forget to include the form in the package as long as the serial numbers were recorded we can use our database to search and find your form.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional suggestions, comments, or questions.

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