AudioSupport – Our new partner in the Québec market

Roseline BoireWe are very pleased to welcome the Montréal -based company AudioSupport as a new channel partner with a strong presence in the Québec market. This specialized company, focusing on FM and other wireless technologies as well as voice amplification and signal alert products is a perfect fit for the expanding Simeon product line in Québec.

AudioSupport president Roseline Boire has an unstoppable enthusiasm for helping people hear…

When it comes to improving the lives of hearing impaired people or people with voice disorders, you’d be hard pressed to find better advice in Québec than AudioSupport’s expert counsel. We can help you select hearing assistance products and amplification systems for home use, school or work.

With over 15 years experience under our belt, we believe that adaptable amplification systems, such as soundfield for the classroom and personal amplification systems, can help people with voice disorders prevent voice fatigue and communicate effortlessly.

Being able to hear and communicate is essential to a full and meaningful life and this is why we dedicate our time and efforts in search of the tools that will help the impaired live life as normally as possible.

Because life is worth hearing!”

Roseline is a very experienced consultant in assistive listening devices and amplification systems and is greatly respected in the audiology community throughout Canada. She has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, including ten years working the assistive listening devices market with audiologists, hearing aid practitioners and school boards.

All this time, Roseline has been dealing with government programs such as those of the RAMQ, CSST and the Ministry of Education in Québec. She is well aware of the importance of offering services that both satisfy the needs of the beneficiaries and the requirements of the institutions.

We are proud to have AudioSupport as a strong partner with extensive experience in Quebec.

AudioSupport can be reached directly at 1-(844) 702-8346 or




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