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iPhone Picture - Supportive Hearing Systems App

The Supportive Hearing Systems app is now available for both Apple and Android devices in the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

Get inside access to updates, videos, resources, manuals and more from Supportive Hearing Systems. Created as an on-the-go tool for those who may prefer to use an app to access materials.

App Store Download - Supportive Hearing Systems AppGoogle Play Download - Supportive Hearing Systems App


– Use our resource materials and instructional videos to quickly set up your system and perform any needed troubleshooting
– Access to all system manuals
– Keep up to date with our blog and receive push notifications when new posts are added!
– Interested in the research behind our systems? Articles are available for your use


– Share any interesting blog posts via Facebook and/or Twitter
– Fill out evaluation request forms for any trialing equipment
– Fill out service request forms for shipping in equipment needing repair
– Access to automated evaluation reports! Have equipment on trial and want to know more information? This feature gives you quick access to our records. If you haven’t signed up for this feature, please contact us to do so.


– All our contact information is available within the app, including contact info for our Western Territory Representative
– Contact form is available within the app, so you can contact us easily when needed

Everything you need from Supportive Hearing Systems at your fingertips!

Watch the Supportive Hearing Systems App Demo Video Below

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